If you are a Trainer, Author, or Speaker calling on business customers…

I created this company to serve you!

We can help you reach more people with your message by leveraging
your intellectual property in new ways, generating more revenue
at higher margins, and building real value in your company.

Check out what our clients are saying, then watch the video below
to learn why I started this business, and the three ways
you can learn more about my Expert Leverage ® system.

What our clients are saying about us

“Chris and his team were able to leverage the content we had and make it into something we could spread around the world. At the time we started working with Chris, we were limited by what we could do… but by working with Chris and his team, our effectiveness increased more than 10x!”

John Doerr

Best Selling Author and President, Rain Group

“As a speaker and author on leadership, teamwork, and innovation, it has been a real joy to work with Chris and his team at Expert Leverage. They have been amazing at boosting and launching my marketing efforts to the next level.  And he was instrumental in getting a contract for my book!”

Colonel Rick Searfoss

Astronaut, Author and Speaker

“I can’t say enough about my experience working with Expert Leverage.  The e-Learning products that we created together helped me to differentiate myself in the marketplace and generate high-margin revenue.  It has really given me an opportunity to take my business to the next level!

Sara Taylor

President and Founder, deepSEE Consulting

Why I Started Expert Leverage

Learn How to Leverage your Expertise!

Private LinkedIn Group

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Expert Leverage Online

Want to learn effective strategies for generating high margin revenue, attract new customers, and build real value in your business? Expert Leverage Online is your one-stop-shop. More... 

Expert Leverage Boot Camps

Coming in early 2019, we're relaunching our popular VIP Bootcamps, where in one action packed week, we help 8 Trainers, Authors, and Speakers get REAL Results! 

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