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Does your local grocery store offer samples on Saturdays?  Mine does, and I usually take an extra 20 minutes each trip just to make the “sample circuit” and try all the different products.  And almost every trip, I end up buying something that was not on my list because I tried it and really liked it.

How does that work?

Well … for me, there is little to no risk.  Even if I don’t like what they’ve offered me, there is always a nearby trash can where I can discreetly dispose of it.  Second, they make it super easy for me to buy. They have a stack of the product nearby AND they give me a coupon to save on my purchase.  Not to mention I kinda feel obligated to buy something – reciprocity at work.

For the store, they pay people working the demo stands and they use some product, but it’s a small price to pay compared with the benefit.  In stores like Costco, the lift from in-store demonstration can lead to as much as 600% bump in sales for that item.

So what does that have to do with Trainers, Authors, and Speakers?

Making it Real for You

There are a couple key takeaways.  First, find creative ways to let your potential customers sample your product or service before making that big commitment you are looking for.  

Offer a free chapter of your book, and better yet, let them pick the chapter the want to read.  Stream a live presentation and invite potential customers, making it like an open-house. Do a webinar where you teach 2-3 actionable items from your bigger program and offer an incentive to take the next step.  Or consider doing a pilot program at a one-time reduced rate.

Second, make it easy for your customers to buy when they are ready.  Remember … everyone likes to buy, but no one likes to be sold. Maybe give them a coupon …. and let them apply what they spent on that pilot program to a much larger rollout.  We used this approach to unseat many incumbent training companies over the years.

We have used this same, simple strategy to land more clients.  Do you have examples of where you’ve offered a sample of your product or service?  Please share with everyone below.



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