The Path Forward

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In this edition, I want to share with you the continuing evolution of my path forward with Expert Leverage®.  I’ve also included some key questions and comments from a recent coaching session to show the results as well what prompted me here.

Who Will You Work With?

Since its inception, the target audience for Expert Leverage® has always been Trainers, Authors, and Speakers, working primarily with business customers. I tacked on the business customers at the end to further define my ideal client. While I do work with some clients whose focus is more B2C, most of my experience has been selling to corporate customers. It’s with corporate clients that I have had the most success creating real leverage, both in my businesses and with my clients.

What Will You Help Them With?

This area was a little tougher for me to narrow my focus. My Expert Leverage® Framework includes 19 strategies for leveraging your expertise. After working with my coach, I knew this was far too many, so he helped me reduce the list to just two by asking me this question:  “If you could only choose one or two strategies to help your clients, which would you pick? Said another way, “Which 1-2 strategies can produce the biggest impact for your clients and their customers?”

That question made a tough decision much easier for me. Two strategies stand apart from the rest when I look at what has helped me grow my companies and enabled me to sell one of them for a 5x multiple. Those two strategies are e-Learning and licensing.

Why e-Learning and Licensing?

These two strategies have generated millions of dollars in incremental revenue for my companies and for my clients’ companies as well. They have helped us differentiate ourselves in otherwise crowded marketplaces. They have led to significant ROI for our customers. And they helped us reduce time spent traveling to deliver our products and services.

“All good,” my coach responded. “But what is the primary outcome or result that was achieved?  Not to say all the other things didn’t happen as a direct result of your work, but what was the most important thing to you and your clients?”

After thinking about his question, I decided that increased revenue was most important, and more specifically, an increase in high-margin revenue. That’s the goal.  Everything else followed from that.

Putting it All Together

So to recap, here’s how my coach summarized our most recent conversation:

  • You work with Trainers, Authors, and Speakers calling on business customers.
  • You want to help them develop e-Learning and licensing strategies.
  • The outcome or result from this work will be more high-margin revenue.

I thought about this short list to make sure it captured the essence of what I wanted our focus to be as we move forward with Expert Leverage®. And you know what? It captures everything. We want to deliver REAL Results for Trainers, Authors, and Speakers. (See what I did there?) REAL stands for Revenue thru e-Learning And Licensing.

In my next entry, I will tackle the questions of “how” I will make it happen and “when.” So stay tuned. I think you are really going to like what I have to share.


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