Taking My Own Advice

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While I have worked with lots of Experts to help them leverage their intellectual property in new ways, I haven’t always listened to the coaching and advice that I have been giving my clients.  I guess it’s a pretty common phenomena—but a little disheartening when you finally realize it.

Last time around, I talked about WHO I want to help, WHAT I want to do, and WHY.  Today, I want to tackle the next logical questions: HOW and WHEN.

Expert Leverage 1.0

When I started the company in 2015, I wanted to help others do some of the same things I had been able to do in my business; things like creating new products and services around an integrated learning solution, generating more high-margin revenue, differentiating my company in a competitive marketplace, and spending less time traveling and delivering our programs “face-to-face.”

I developed my Expert Leverage framework and began working with a few select trainers, authors, and speakers that I called my Platinum clients. My work was a combination of consulting and coaching, done onsite with the client as well as in our Richmond offices.

Since my very first client, I have been able to repeat this process with trainers, authors, and speakers in a variety of industries, producing significant results. My fees are fair, given the return on investment—but I have only been able to work with 20 or so clients per year. I am making an impact with them,  but I know there are many more people out there who I can help do the very same things. Yet, because I am spending one-on-one time with each client, my customer base is currently capped at about two new clients each month.

A New Model

Taking some of my own advice around leveraging your expertise, I set out to find a way to help a lot more people without sacrificing the impact that my work has with them. I considered a number of popular business models and after spending time with my team, my current clients, and my coaches and mentors, I landed on a strategy that will enable me to expand my reach to many more trainers, authors, and speakers. At the same time, the experience I will deliver and the impact that I can have is similar to what my platinum clients are getting today and all at a fraction of the price.

That strategy is to build an online community where I can share my strategies for getting REAL Results™ (REAL results stands for Revenue through e-Learning and Licensing). This private membership site will feature all of my core content along with new trainings and support tools released each and every month.  

In addition to a focus on getting leverage through e-Learning and licensing, we will share best practices for marketing your products and services with case studies and interviews from others who are achieving a high level of success.  And at the end of each month I will do a live Q&A session where I answer your questions and help you move closer to achieving success with these strategies.

I am SUPER excited about this new approach and the ability to help many, many more people that I am able to work with today.  And in a lot of ways, this new site will offer trainers, authors, and speakers even MORE value than I am delivering today for my platinum level clients.

Rolling it Out

While excitement and expectation levels are through the roof around here, the work ahead is significant. I’ve got my entire team focused solely on building this site and the technology piece as I am busy building out content and courses along a “success path” that will take you from where you are today to where you want to go. This is the single biggest project we have ever worked on.

So the big question is—WHEN?  The short but non definitive answer is— SOON. We are targeting a launch to all of our LinkedIn Group members in early October.  So if you are not a member of our group, please click here.

And the best news I can share today is this: When we launch, we are going to offer a BIG Founding Member discount to all of our early adopters. But you will have to act fast. We will open the doors to Founding Members for only four days.

I think that answers the questions of  HOW and WHEN I am going to reach more trainers, authors, and speakers to help them to generate more high-margin revenue in their businesses. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks including how to get on the waitlist as well as a sneak, behind-the-scenes peek at the new site.


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