A Dose of your Own Medicine

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We’ve all heard the story of the cobbler who hand-crafted and sold beautiful shoes throughout the village while his very own children ran around without shoes.  

You’ve probably experienced “a-ha” moments like that: when what you are doing doesn’t align with the sage advice you have been giving your employees, customers, or even spouses for years; it just “magically” appears as a flashing neon sign in your mind.

I recently had one of those experiences while working on my business during an all-day coaching session. When sharing my Expert Leverage© model and its 19 core strategies for leveraging your expertise, my coach said the following:

“This is great, Chris … but how do they know where to start? There are a lot of options.”

Before I could gather my thoughts and respond, he continued, “And I read some of your blog posts in preparation for today’s session—in particular, the Hedgehog one. I thought that was an excellent article but my question to you is this: Do you really feel that you are now or can become the best in the world at all 19 of these strategies?”

As I started to think, he finished unloading his trifecta for the day.

“And the other piece of the puzzle is passion. As you walked me through your model and all of the strategies, you really only got excited a couple of times. So what’s with everything else?”

Clarifying What’s Core

Don’t you hate it when in the middle of formulating your response to a really good question, you get hit with another one that’s just as good, if not better?  And then another?  This rapid-fire series of questions from my coach made me stop and think deeply about my business. And it brought me back to my blog entry that he referenced. More specifically, to those three questions derived from Jim Collins and his Hedgehog Concept®:

  1. What am I the best or what could I become the best in the world at?
  2. What activities generate (or could generate) the most profitable revenue for me?
  3. What activities am I doing (or could I be doing) that I am really passionate about?

I am not sure if you have a coach that you work with, but this was one of those sessions where how much money I spent on travel and a day’s worth of coaching seemed tiny compared to the results that we achieved during that meeting.  

Here are just a few of the outcomes:

  • I am trying to do too much. It comes from a good place. More specifically, it comes directly from client feedback.  
  • While my clients have needs in these other areas, providing many of these offerings takes me outside my core focus areas – where I have had a lot of success and have helped clients do the same.
  • Reducing what I offer will not only make things simpler for my clients, but it will also refocus me on those things that I am both passionate about and really good at.
  • I can still help address my client’s other needs, but really meet those needs by collaborating with others who are focused on those areas.
  • Refocusing can help me reach even more trainers, authors, and speakers and have the real impact they are looking for.

Where to From Here?

For now, I am still processing everything and what it means for my business, but I can tell you this: While the products and services I deliver as well as how I deliver them might change in the coming months, one thing won’t change and that is my overarching purpose for starting Expert Leverage©.

That singular purpose steadfastly remains the same—to help Experts reach more people with their message by leveraging their intellectual property in new ways, generating more revenue at higher margins, and building real value in their company.

So if you are a trainer, author, or speaker looking to grow your business in new ways … stay tuned … things are about to get REAL around here.


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