6 Reasons You Need To Be Doing Content Marketing

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If you’re a Trainer, Author, or Speaker, there’s a good chance that someone has recommended you “do” content marketing. It’s a buzzword, and it sounds easy enough to pull off— Just write some blog posts, right?

Wrong. A good content marketing plan is about far more than cranking out a weekly blog post … just to say you did it. It is about using a variety of digital channels to connect with your potential customers at every stage of their decision-making process.

With that in mind, here are six reasons you should be implementing a content marketing strategy in your business:

  1. Establish Thought Leadership

As an Expert, you have two main selling points: 1: Yourself. 2: Your Message. If someone is convinced that you are THE Expert in your subject matter, they will be far more motivated to take your class, buy your book, or hire you for a keynote.

Creating high-quality, authoritative content is a fantastic first step toward establishing yourself as a thought-leader in your industry or subject matter. Whether it’s a whitepaper, a case study, a webinar, or even a long-form blog post, you should be creating content that demonstrates your expertise.

2. Provide Real Value To Your Audience

A great piece of content marketing isn’t just about generating clicks or shares; rather, it should provide tangible value for your target audience.

If you are able to answer a question, introduce a new idea, or even provide actionable advice to your audience then your content has delivered value. If people consistently learn something from your content, they’ll keep coming to you as a source of information.

3. Generate Sales Leads

Some forms of content — blog posts, social media posts, etc. — are obviously meant to be given away for free.

If you’re producing more in-depth content, however, (case studies, white papers, buying guides, etc.), don’t be afraid to ask for some information in exchange for the content. If your content is valuable enough, the right customers will willingly give up their name and email to access it.

Lots of marketers call these types of content “Lead Magnets.” I’m not personally wild about that term, but it certainly conveys the power of the approach!

4. Nurture Prospects

“Lead Nurturing” is a fancy term that describes all of the ways you help move a potential customer closer to a sale. Automated email marketing tools like Infusionsoft and Drip allow you to design the ideal follow-up sequences for all of your prospects.

While some marketers would file these activities under email marketing, I very much consider them content marketing. What kind of content could you provide your prospects between the their first interaction with you, and their ultimate decision to purchase your product or service?

Start by thinking through the questions and/or objections that some of your best customers have had during the sales process, and consider crafting content that specifically addresses those issues. You’ll likely find that your future customers have the same concerns, and you can help ease any potential concerns before the final sale.

5. Re-Engage Previous Customers

Far too many business owners focus the vast majority of their marketing attention on acquiring new customers, and neglect a potential gold mine right under their noses.

Whether it is a monthly newsletter, a quarterly update, customer-only webinars, or simply insightful social media posts, there are plenty of ways to distribute content to your existing customers. At worst, you stay top-of-mind the next time they are making a buying decision; at best, you turn them into raving fans who can’t wait to consume more of your content. It’s win-win!

6. Give Your SEO a Boost

While improving your search engine visibility probably shouldn’t be the primary goal of your content marketing plan, it’s certainly a nice secondary benefit.

Like the consumers they serve, Google has changed its algorithm over the years to value high-quality, authoritative content. As more people view your website, link back to an article you wrote, or simply share your content on social media, Google sees that as a sign of authority.

Over time (and we are talking months or years), you could see yourself rising up the search engine rankings as a result of your content efforts!

Final Thoughts:

  1. If implemented correctly, a content marketing plan can help distinguish you from your competitors, and provide you with a steady source of leads. Just be sure that you are always emphasizing the quality of your content, and ensuring that it is creating real value for those who consume it.
  2. Don’t invest in content creation without a plan for distribution. That late-night entry in your personal journal isn’t going to become a best-seller if nobody sees it. Just like that one-off blog post on your website isn’t going to generate any traffic if you don’t promote it.


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